Scana Skarpenord

Scana Skarpenord is one of the leading suppliers of hydraulic and pneumatic valve control systems for the oil, gas and shipbuilding industries.

Scana Skarpenord was established in the late 1960s as a division of Norsk Hydro, Rjukan Fabrikker. Skarpenord became an independent company in 1985, and in 1989, Scana acquired the company.

Scana Valve Control is based in Stavanger, while the subsidiary Scana Skarpenord AS has workshop, warehouse and offices in Rjukan, Norway.  Scana Valve Control offers an additional service station in Shanghai, China. Scana valve Control owns 49% of Scana Korea Hydraulic Ltd. that markets the companies’s products to shipbuilding industries in Korea. The company is also represented in Brazil and the US.

Our own design

Scana Skarpenord supplies hydraulic and pneumatic valve control systems based on the company’s key products, which are hydraulic and pneumatic actuators mounted directly onto valves. The actuators are of our own design and manufactured in Rjukan. The control systems include control panels, solenoid switches, hydraulic oil units and/or PC/PLS-based systems for control and indication.

Customized solutions and customization are the company’s specialties, and we often operate with short delivery time. Scana Valve Control has also lately expanded its service to the aftermarket in the oil and gas industry.


Operators, valve suppliers and maintenance companies whose market is found in the offshore industry make up an increasing part of the company’s customer base. Maintenance and modifications of older offshore installations, vessels and rigs also constitute a growing proportion of the company’s activities.

The main market for new ships and floating offshore installations is today located in Korea, China, Singapore and Brazil. Scana Valve Control also supplies equipment to customers in Europe, Russia and North America. Hydraulic actuators and associated control systems are also supplied for valve manufacturers and suppliers of gas handling systems for LPG and LNG ships.


Products and services: Scana Skarpenord is a leading supplier of hydraulic and pneumatic valve control systems for the oil, gas and shipbuilding industries.

Revenue: NOK 91 million (2018)
Managed by: Egil Kjeldsen
Number of enployees: 62 (2018)
Headquarters: Stavanger, Norway
Other locations: Rjukan (Norway), Korea and China (Shanghai)

Board of Directors:
Chairman: Styrk Bekkenes
Directors: Kjetil Flesjå