Scana Offshore

Low operating costs and high flexibility are paramount’s in Scana Offshore AS, a small but efficient organization that delivers innovative system solutions for offloading, mooring, turrets and swivels for floating production and storage vessels.

Scana Offshore AS was founded as Brødrene Johnsen AS, a mechanical engineering and manufacturing company in 1953. In 1990, the company began to provide manufacturing and engineering services to Marine Consulting Group, which later became Hitec Marine and Advanced Production and Loading (APL).

International customer base

In the 90's, the company delivered bow-loading manifolds, linear winches, turrets, swivels, ball valves and hydraulic compensator’s. In 2005, the company began to deliver its own offloading systems and mooring winches, and later new swivles and turret systems have been added to the portfolio of products.

In 2011, Scana Offshore AS received orders for 16 offloading systems for Ecovix in Brazil for eight FPSOs for Petrobras. After this, the company has delivered several other offloading systems, including Teekay. Since 2013, the company has introduced several new products within mooring winches and fairleads that have been delivered to Yinson Production and Dana Petroleum.

Close to customers

The organization in Scana Offshore AS is small and efficient, with low operating costs and high flexibility are top priorities. The company has its own resources in marketing and sales, engineering, procurement and project management, as well as commissioning and maintenance services. All production is performed by approved suppliers in cost effective locations. There are around 15 engineers among the company's total of 20 employees. These have expertise in structure, mechanics, hydraulics and electrical / instrumentation.

Efforts are constantly made to analyze the market, and the management is looking for needs and opportunities that might reduce the cost of the company and thus the costs for the customers.

Challenging market with considerable opportunities

The company's main strategy is to deliver cost efficient system solutions to floating production units as traditional FPSOs and FSOs, as well as production units for LNG. Recently, the company has also been actively working towards floating wind power and fish farming, both markets need the same expertise and are expected to grow in the next few years.

Within mooring, there are several development projects where Scana Offshore is involved to  find new methods that improve the lifecycle of the docking chain, reduce installation time, and total costs.


Products and services: Scana Offshore AS supplies products to offloading, mooring, turret and swivel to floating productions vessels (the FPSO and FSO industry).
Revenue: NOK 48 mill (2017)
Managed by: Torkjell Lisland
Number of employees: 19 (2017)
Headquarters: Vestby, Norge
Other locations: Represented in Brazil, Houston, Singapore, Korea and China.

Board of Directors:
Board leader: Jan Petter Hagen
Directors: Dag Schjerven, Anders Holm