Scana Offshore

Low operating costs and high flexibility are paramount’s in Scana Offshore AS, a small but efficient organization that delivers innovative system solutions for offloading, mooring, turrets and swivels for floating production and storage vessels and vessels for aquaculture

Based on experience gained in the oil and gas market for over 20 years and a very challenging market in 2014/15, the board of directors decided that the company should look for new markets that might have corresponding needs for expertise and solutions. 2 markets were identified, fish farming and floating wind power.

Within fish farming, a public scheme was established to obtain development concessions and it turned out that there was a demand for Scana Offshore's competence. It took 2 years of hard marketing efforts in this new market before the first contract was signed. Today, this is the largest market for Scana Offshore measured in terms of contract value and it is considered  there are many opportunities for the company in aquaculture and fish farming.

In floating wind power, the market is more challenging, but the potential is large. Today. it is not economically profitable with floating wind power without subsidies from the government(s), and this is a main challenge.  It is also necessary with investors with a long-term perspective. Scana Offshore is working to be a player in this market and consider  large opportunities in the years to come.
Within oil and gas, anchoring and offloading products are still supplied. It is expected that the future market will be challenging, partly due to the fluctuations in the oil prices and partly due to changing funding opportunities for the oil and gas companies.
Solutions within the LNG storage and regassification markets are continuously being worked on, but investments are still low. A positive trend is expected over the years to come.


Scana Offshore's history dates back to 1953, when the company was established as a mechanical engineering and production company under the name Brødrene Johnsen AS. In 1990, the company started to supply production and engineering services to Marine Consulting Group, which later became the companies Hitec Marine and Advanced Production and Loading (APL).

In the 90s, the company delivered bow load manifolds, linear winches and turrets as a subcontractor. Deliveries were combined with proprietary swivels, ball valves and larger, hydraulic compensators. Based on the experience as a subcontractor, the company began supplying its own offloading systems and mooring winches in 2005. Later, the company also developed new types of swivels and turret systems.In 2006, Incus bought Brødrene Johnsen and reorganized the company as it is today.

In 2018, Scana Offshore entered into a contract for the turret mooring system for Nordlaks' floating marine farm - Havfarm 1. The contract includes anchoring analyzes, delivery of turret, retraction system, chain and anchors, as well as installation engineering. This project is a major breakthrough for Scana Offshore as a system supplier.

Close to customers

The organization in Scana Offshore is small and efficient, with a focus on high competence and flexibility in its area. In larger and more complex projects, the company works closely with partners who are experts in their fields. Furthermore, the organization is also being strengthened with engineers with experience from offshore installation. This is to have a better understanding of the whole process where our equipment is used and also add more knowledge into the deliveries.

Opportunities in a challenging market

The main strategy is now changing from only oil & gas to using the expertise built up over the last 20 years to also focus on solutions that can be used in other markets - such as fish farming and floating wind power.


Products and services: Scana Offshore AS supplies products to offloading, mooring, turret and swivel to floating productions vessels (the FPSO and FSO industry) and vessels to the fast-growing aquaculture incustry
Revenue: NOK 48 mill (2017)
Managed by: Torkjell Lisland
Number of employees: 19 (2017)
Headquarters: Vestby, Norge
Other locations: Represented in Brazil, Houston, Singapore, Korea and China.

Board of Directors:
Board leader: Jan Petter Hagen
Directors: Dag Schjerven, Anders Holm