Scana Property

Scana Property AS was established in 2012 and is the holding company for the Group’s real estate companies.

Scana Property rents some of the properties to external companies, and Scana Property is, at the same time, actively working to promote the development of the property portfolio.

Scana Property works to create growth by owning, developing and managing properties. For properties not housing any of our portfolio companies, value creation happens mostly through regulation and rezoning, project development and sales.

The company manages approximately 10.000 square meters of buildings, including some smaller office buildings.


The properties are organized in subsidiaries by geographical location. Through a number of these companies, Scana Property manages properties and acreage in Jørpeland in Strand, east of Stavanger. These plots consist mainly of vacant land lots. Approximately 500 acres in size, are managed in addition to this, as well as a cottage area that consists of about 20 plots near Liarvatn, northeast of Jørpeland.

Scana Property owns around 9.000 square meters of buildings in Volda mainly used for industry. Scana Volda AS currently leases the property 100 percent on a long-term agreement.

Development area

Fjordbris AS is the only company in the property portfolio that is aimed solely at residential properties. Scana Property AS and Strand eiendomsutvikling AS are owners of the company with, respectively, 50.1 and 49.9 percent. The Company’s property is located at Jørpeland and is currently approximately one acre, with the possibility for increasing the area.


Income: NOK 19 mill. (2017)
Managed by: Inge Kvalvik
Headquarter: Stavanger, Norway
Number of employees: 1 (2018)
Other locations: Strand (Norway)

Chairman: Styrk Bekkenes
Director: Kjetil Flesjå