Scana Steel Booforge

Scana Steel Booforge is a world-leading manufacturer of major forklift truck arms that can lift in excess of 10 tons. With the expertise to Scana in open die forging, the company has the ability to manufacture large forks and other forged products according to any specification with stringent demands for strength.

International market

The company is mainly targeted to forklift truck and machine manufacturers, as well as other steel mills. Booforge also has customers in the oil and gas industry. Customers are primarily located in the European countries, but Booforge also supplies the international market through its distribution network.

A well-established brand

Scana Steel Booforge has a well-established brand in lifting solutions for heavy forklift trucks. The company has a well-developed sales network and a major strength through experience and competence in product developement and improvements giving the company a good position for future growth.


Revenue: NOK 78 mill. (2017)
Managed by
: Anders Johansson
: Karlskoga, Sweden
Number of employees: 51 (2017)

Board of Directors:
Chairman: Anders Johansson
Directors: Jan Petter Hagen, Dag Schjerven, Kjetil Flesjå and the empolyee representatives Ulf Henrik Mikael Eriksson and Arne Patrik Haraldsrud.