Board and management

Incus Investor's headquarters in Stavanger, Norway consist mainly of senior management, investment management, as well as finance and accounts functions.


Incus Investor’ board is elected during the annual general meeting and shall consist of three to seven members elected for two-year terms.

The board consists of:


Dag Schjerven

Chairman of the board

Dag Schjerven (b.1954) has more than 30 years of international CEO experience from three global companies; Dyno Industrier, VingCard and Wilhelmsen Maritime Services. Schjerven has retired from executive positions and work today as an advisor. He holds directorships in various companies within his field of experience, mainly as chairman.


Sindre Ertvaag
Sindre Ertvaag (b. 1984) is investment director of the family-owned investment company Camar and holds directorships in companies in a wide range of industries. He previously worked as an analyst at DNB within corporate finance and at First Securities (Swedbank) with a focus on companies in the oil service industry. Camar is the largest shareholder in Incus Investor.

Marianne Lie
Marianne Lie (b. 1962) has extensive management experience, particularly from the maritime and energy sectors. Lie has served as the CEO of the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association, and currently serves as a board member for several large companies in different industries. Lie’s academic background is within law and political science, and she is currently running her own consultancy firm.

Kristian Falnes
Kristian Falnes (born 1963) has long experience in finance. He worked as portfolio manager in Skagen for 17 years and also served as Investment Director for 4 years. Prior to this he was portfolio manager in Lærdal Finans and analyst at SR-Fonds. He is currently board member in Skagen and Fjord Line. For the past three years, Falnes has run its own investment business. Falnes is a graduate economist (BI 1987) and an authorized financial analyst (NHH 1992).

Margrete E. Hystad

Margrete E. Hystad

Margaret Hystad (b. 1969) has extensive experience in management and business development, including maritime, real estate development and asset management. She has extensive experience from board work in several major companies - within energy (Gassco, Haugaland Kraft), finance and health and other. Hystad is economist with specialization from BI within strategy and change management, and currently runs his own investment group, Karmsund Kapital AS.



Styrk Bekkenes

Styrk Bekkenes (b. 1974) joined Incus Investor ASA as CEO March 15, 2019, Bekkenes has long experience in the maritime industry. Bekkenes is educated as an industrial mechanic, and has gained extensive experience as an entrepreneur and leader of global organizations - with time as a leader in companies like Palfinger Marine, Harding and Noreq. He was among other things the key driver when Noreq joined forces with Umoe Schat-Harding in 2014 and formed Harding, one of the world's largest suppliers of marine life-saving equipment. As CEO of Harding, he also promoted the sale of the company to the Austrian industrial giant Palfinger in 2016, and then took up the position of Palfinger Marine Safety management until 2017


Kjetil Flesjå
Chief Financial Officer

Kjetil Flesjå (b. 1967) holds a master of science in finance and came to Incus from Fokus Bank. Flesjå has thorough knowledge of banking and comprehensive experience in corporate finance processes, including acquisitions and sales, financial risk analysis, balance and liability strategies in addition to extensive analysis experience.

Portfolio CompanyChairman of the Board
Scana Steel ABPeter Jansson
+46 550 253 92
Scana Property ASTom Ivar Sætremyr+47 478 52
Scana Offshore ASJan Petter Hagen
+47 900 10 617
Scana Skarpenord ASDag Schjerven
+47 908 37 955
Scana Steel Booforge ABAnders Johansson
+46 70 588 93 93